Bocuse d’Or Team Canada Searches for Next Commis


MONTREAL — Team Canada is looking for its next commis to join chef Samuel Sirois, chef Gilles Herzog and chef Alvin Leung at the 2023 Bocuse d’Or competition in Lyon, France.

The Bocuse d’Or will bring together 24 chefs from around the world to compete and display their presentation, creativity, innovation, composition and service practicality.

“To be selected to compete, alongside la crème de la crème of global culinary talent, at the Bocuse d’Or is an honour in and of itself,” says chef Sirois. “I’m ecstatic to be given the opportunity to make Canada proud on the global stage, and for this we need a diligent and passionate commis. Working with a dedicated and spirited sous-chef is not only inspiring but necessary to navigate the competition. I look forward to mentoring an aspiring young chef ahead of the 2023 competition.”

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