Booster Juice is Quickly Becoming a Global Leader in its Segment


Since founder and CEO Dale Wishewan opened its first store in Sherwood Park, Alta. in 1999, Booster Juice has been providing fresh and healthy fast-food alternatives to its customers. In only two years, the company opened 50 locations, setting a Canadian franchise record for openings. Today, Booster Juice has expanded to nearly 400 locations worldwide.

Over the course of the pandemic, Booster Juice has prioritized the health and safety of its employees. At the corporate level, the company provided the flexibility to work from home. At the restaurant level, crew members were not forced to work if they were uncomfortable during this time. Additionally, rigorous cleaning standards have been implemented and upheld. At a time when mental-health issues are exacerbated, the company has taken steps to increase employee awareness of mental health at work and support employees at risk.

“We encourage staff to seek out mental-health support services at any time that they need it,” says Wishewan.

When it comes to recruitment and retention at the restaurant level, Wishewan says the company “looks for individuals who have a passion for customer service and believe in our product. From a retention perspective, we aim to provide a comfortable working environment that is rewarding and fulfilling.”

Wishewan continues, “Booster Juice is a great place to work because we serve amazing customers. We work with clean products, which is quite different from other QSRs. We don’t use deep fryers and grills. “Additionally, we welcome individuals without any prior foodservice experience. Our training program allows employees to learn the ropes relatively fast.”

Furthermore, the recent rise in sustainable solutions and healthy eating has only made the company’s model stronger. In 2017, Booster Juice locations across Canada transitioned to paper cups from polystyrene. In 2019, locations transitioned to compostable straws from single-use plastic straws, which are made from renewable, plant-based materials.

In the same spirit, Booster Juice is committed to supporting Canadian charities and not-for-profit organizations that contribute to a healthy community. In addition to many donations and sponsorships, the company has secured long-standing partnerships with JDRF, Easter Seals and Alberta Cancer Foundation.

By Nicole Di Tomasso

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