Booster Juice Reveals New Lineup of Blue Products


EDMONTON — After a three-week nationwide teaser campaign, Booster Juice has unveiled its new smoothies with blue algae (also known as Phycocyanin powder).

Phycocyanin powder is a non-toxic source of natural algae protein derived from the micro-algae, Spirulina. The tasteless powder turns smoothies and other products bright blue and is known to have nutritional benefits and anti-inflammatory properties, with no known side effects.

“Booster Juice is excited to be introducing blue algae into our lineup of existing and feature offerings,” says Dale Wishewan, president and CEO of Booster Juice. “We hope our customers will enjoy these innovative blue products and have fun blending blue into their favourite smoothies with our new Super Booster.”

For a limited time only, Booster Juice customers can choose between three blue algae — playfully referred to as Blue Majik — product offerings, including a smoothie, smoothie bowl or chia pudding. They can also add an algae Super Booster into any smoothie.

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