Boston Resto Group Features Atlantic Canada Sustainable Salmon


BOSTON — Atlantic Canada’s Certified Eco-Label salmon from Cooke Aquaculture Inc. is now being served by Legal Sea Foods, a leading seafood restaurant group in Boston known for quality and freshness.  

“Our guests appreciate sustainably-raised fish and they want to know where it comes from,” said Roger Berkowitz, Legal Sea Foods’ president and CEO. “Sourcing fresh fish from an eco-certified producer that farms just off the coast of Maine and Atlantic Canada is the right thing to do. It’s good for our economy, and it’s a great ecological choice.”

The Seafood Trust Certified Eco Label ensures that True North Salmon’s products are raised using ecologically sound practices. Better yet, the company commits to the eco standard at all levels of its operation — from its freshwater fish hatcheries to its saltwater ocean farms to its processing divisions. This certification is a recognition of Cooke Aquaculture’s commitment to maintaining a pristine marine environment, improving feed utilization and sourcing practices, reducing energy use, improving water utilization, reducing packaging and eliminating waste.

“Consumers who like fish can have even more confidence about eco-certified fish,” explains Jean Lamontagne, True North Salmon’s vice-president of Marketing. “Fish consumers make food choices because they are driven by health concerns.


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