BP Rolls Out New Menu


RICHMOND, B.C. — Boston Pizza International Inc. is reigning in on the healthier eating trend, introducing 10 new dishes, including gluten-free pizza, and reducing the sodium in 75 per cent of its 100 menu items at the family casual chain’s 341 locations across the country.

“We are listening to our guests and responding to what they want when it comes to variety, taste and nutritional profile,” says Matthew Hoag, the chain’s corporate chef. “That’s why we’sve added the new gluten-free pizza crust and why our signature, fresh daily, hand-pressed dough is now available in original, thin crust and multigrain formats.”

Nutritionists and customers alike are happy to hear the news. “The Canadian Celiac Association applauds Boston Pizza, Canada’s largest casual-dining chain, for introducing gluten-free pizza in all their outlets across Canada,” said Jim McCarthy, the association’s executive director. “This move raises the bar for other Canadian restaurant chains, and we are sure it will be enthusiastically received by the more than 250,000 Canadians suffering from some form of Celiac disease.”

Other notable items on the new menu include: pastas, chicken wings, salad dressings, pizza sauces and ham with reduced sodium, as well as baked chipotle bacon penne, BP sliders, three thin-crust pizzas, chopped chicken salad and fettuccini carbonara.


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