Brownie Gets High-Octane Upgrade


VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C. — A Vancouver Island native is packing a popular chocolate treat with a new (and legal) stimulant — caffeine.

Allison Nelson, who operates A Snack in the Face bakery in Ames, Iowa, packs 200 milligrams of pharmaceutical-grade caffeine into every brownie, the Toronto Star reports.

According to the Star, the heart-pounding treats contain about half as much caffeine as a venti coffee from Starbucks. “It’s exactly what grandma used to bake — no high-fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated soybean oil,” Nelson told The Des Moines Register. “We’sre not wrapping up caffeine in a health bar here. We’sre wrapping it up in a home-baked treat. Isn’st it about time you have caffeine and it tastes good?”

As for her native land, Nelson hopes her specialty baking will breach the Canadian border soon. “I’m still a Canadian citizen, man, and I want to take this back home,” Nelson told the Star.


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