Buca Named Best T.O. Restaurant


TORONTO — Buca is the number-1 restaurant in Toronto, according to local food critic Joanne Kates, who recently compiled her 5th annual top 100 list.


Kates says this year the list beckons to the burgeoning casual-food trend in Toronto. “No longer is the best — or the most revered — food in town served at temples to haute gastronomy where the gracious welcome rules. Fine-dining has lost its cachet and mostly been replaced by roadhouses with pork, fat, smoke and barbecue, benches for seats, no reservations, loud music and cold drafts, bourbon cocktails and servers whose idea of hospitality is a 20-per-cent tip,” she explains.

Scaramouche, Bar Isabel, Edulis, Yours Truly, Hopgood’s Foodliner, Splendido, Cava, Zucca Trattoria and Bar Buca rounded out the top 10. To read the complete list, visit postcity.com.








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