Buckaroo Burger


Buckaroo Burger

Recipe by Andrew Sarda, executive chef, Bareburger, New York


small handful mushroom mix (crimini, button, shiitake and oyster)
1 tsp olive oil
to taste salt and pepper
2 oz smoked beef brisket (1/16th-inch sliced)
5.5 oz beef patty (grass-fed and organic)
1 slice aged cheddar cheese
1 brioche bun
2 tbsp smoky agave barbecue sauce


1. Sauté wild mushrooms with olive oil as well as salt and pepper for six minutes — until mushrooms are slightly browned and softened
2. Sear think slices of smoked beef brisket for two minutes
3. Sear beef patty on both sides for approximately two minutes per side
4. Top patty with brisket, mushrooms and cheese and cover to steam/melt the cheddar
5. Toast a brioche bun on a griddle
6. Place layered beef patty with toppings on bun and top with smoky agave barbecue sauce

Yield: serves one

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