Bud Light Canada Introduces Limited-Edition Rainbow Cans to Celebrate Pride


TORONTO — As an official sponsor of Toronto Pride, Bud Light Canada has partnered with Rainbow Railroad to launch a limited-edition, rainbow can celebrating Pride. In addition to the rainbow Pride flag, the cans will also feature an adjusted brand logo to highlight the letters LGBT+.

Bud Light plans to donate $1.45 for every limited-edition case purchased to Rainbow Railroad.

Founded in 2006, Rainbow Railroad is a Canadian-based, human rights organization that supports LGBTQ+ people at risk around the world.

“We are so proud and inspired to partner with Labatt this Pride season on a stunning rainbow can,” says Kimahli Powell, executive director of Rainbow Railroad. “It’s generous support like this that makes our lifesaving work possible.”

“Bud Light is a beer that brings people together — it’s truly made for all, so we’re excited to be leading an initiative that not only celebrates inclusivity, but also makes a positive impact,” says Todd Allen, vice-president of Marketing at Labatt Breweries of Canada. “We have been a long-standing supporter of Pride in Canada for over 20 years and we’re looking forward to continuing to engage more people and have further positive impact within the community.”

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