Buffalo Wild Wings to Introduce New Craft Beer


MINNEAPOLIS — Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) is preparing to launch Game Changer, a new craft beer from Redhook Brewery.

“We’re all about Wings. Beer. Sports., and we are always looking for new offerings to enhance the guest experience at our restaurants,” said Kathy Benning, EVP, Global Marketing, Brand and Business Development, Buffalo Wild Wings.

“Our guests, above all, are sports fans, and they’sre looking for that social environment to enjoy the game with their friends.”

The new craft beer, available on tap, is a pale ale with a rich amber colour. It’s a blend of caramel malts and American-grown hops with an alcohol-by-volume content of 4.6 per cent. The company hopes the new brew will appeal to a broad audience, from light domestic beer drinkers to craft beer drinkers.

Game Changer will be available at BWW’s U.S. locations as of July 15.


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