Burdock & Co Introduces Full-Moon Dinners


VANCOUVER — Burdock & Co in Vancouver is launching a Moon Dinner Series promising culinary magic and cosmic vibes.

Held on full-moon evenings throughout the year, each spiritual feast will feature fare inspired by traditional names for monthly moons while educating guests about earth-friendly biodynamic farming practices and natural wines. 

Launching February 9, each multi-course menu will be unique to the corresponding moon, though all will incorporate chef Andrea Carlson’s farm-to-table style, featuring vegetable-forward dishes using fresh local produce, sustainable meats and seafood. The Moon Dinner Series was inspired by Carlson’s new cookbook, Burdock & Co: Poetic Recipes Inspired by Ocean, Land & Air.

February’s focus is the Snow Moon, named for the month’s typically wintry weather. The two-hour event will also feature curated natural wine pairings to accompany dishes.

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