Burger King Drops the Crown


MIAMI, Fl. — Burger King Holdings Inc., is dropping its iconic king mascot to focus on creating a menu that appeals to a broader audience.

“Our marketing strategy and marketing approach has changed, and, as a part of that, the King will not be used,” Miguel Piedra, a company spokesman, told Bloomberg News.

Burger King execs have hired the New York-based ad agency McGarryBowen to revamp the brand image. New commercials, which began airing Aug. 20, feature the latest Burger King menu item — a California Whopper sandwich with guacamole, Swiss cheese and bacon.

The Miami-based Burger chain was founded in 1954 and currently operates more than 12,300 locations worldwide. The King mascot was introduced in 1955 as a kid-friendly cartoon.

photo courtesy burgerking.com

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