Burger Revolution builds winning partnership with Enright Cattle Company


When dedicated cattle producers meet talented chefs, the benefits extend not just to them and their customers but the community as a whole.

Kara and Darrold Enright own and operate the Enright Cattle Company in Tweed, Ont. about a half-hour drive north of Belleville — which happens to be the home of Burger Revolution. The restaurant is owned and operated by chefs Jeff Camacho and his wife Rayling, who are committed to using local meats, cheeses, even maple syrup.

The relationship between the two businesses goes back seven years. When Burger Revolution opened four years ago, the Enrights were chosen to supply the beef.

“Kara knows the meat we need,” says Camacho, adding at first they used a combination of chuck and brisket. When the price of beef started an upward trend, the Enrights worked to get a cut that was mutually satisfying in both taste and cost. That cut — chuck — is ordered a few times a week from Enright and delivered from a Tweed abattoir. It is then ground and formed by hand at Burger Revolution. Kara Enright says having a consistent market for their chuck helps them manage their supply. She also appreciates the feedback she gets from Camacho.

Because each animal wears a microchip, its meat can be traced via barcode right to its final use. The Enrights use the feedback from chefs (they supply several restaurants) to help decide which feeds to use and which cattle family lines to expand. In the event of a recall, identifying the animals would be straightforward. “But that has never happened,” says Enright.

“It is nice to have someone who can do such a nice job with your beef so close to home,” she says. “Jeff and Rayling support us and we support them. We all also support other community events, such as soccer teams and fundraisers.”

By Carol Snell

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