Butterball Foodservice Premieres New Recipes


GARNER, N.C. — To appeal to consumer interest for new and innovative flavours, Butterball Foodservice has provided menu inspiration to address the need for bitter and sour flavours on the menu.

According to research from Technomic, Inc., bitter flavours have grown in appeal by four per cent since 2009, while sour flavours have increased in appeal by eight per cent. In addition, fruit flavours and spicy flavours are more frequently requested by consumers. The Butterball Foodservice team has developed two new recipes that address the trends: Mediterranean Power Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette, featuring kale, pistachios, quinoa, hard-cooked eggs and Butterball Turkey Medallions, topped with a zesty blood orange vinaigrette that merges sour notes with citrus fruit flavours; and the Butterball Kimchi Turkey Burger served on a Chinese steamed bun, and topped with sweet chili mayonnaise.

“At Butterball Foodservice, we understand the importance of menu differentiation and we’re focused on supplying recipes and products that help chefs and operators stay abreast of upcoming flavour trends. As consumers’ palates become more and more adventurous, Butterball has solutions for all segments of the foodservice industry,” says Tony Seta, director of Culinary Services for Butterball.


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