Cadbury Controversy


WINNIPEG — Cadbury Canada is at the centre of some controversy as addiction organizations contend that its new Caramilk Cream Cooler and Caramilk Cream Liquor looks too similar to its chocolate milkshake, causing worry that children won’t be able to spot the difference, Postmedia News reports.

“[The cooler] doesn’st separate itself well, at all,” Andrew Murie, chief executive officer of MADD Canada, told the news agency. “These are products you have to watch very carefully. They can give you a bad experience. If you’sre not an experienced drinker then whoomp, all of a sudden, you’sre really drunk and bad things can happen,” he said.

On the other hand, Susan Harrison, communications co-ordinator for the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission, maintains that the new beverage was approved for sale because it’s sold in MLCC stores and not in convenience or grocery stores.

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