Calgary Farmers’ Market to Move


CALGARY — The city has given the green light to relocate the Calgary Farmers’ Market from The Currie Barracks to its new location at Blackfoot Centre.

After being booted out of the current space due to pending development and a series of financial and vendor challenges, including the latest concern about parking at 510 77th Avenue S.E., the deal has been sealed. “Another business nearby had some concerns with their vendors and there were some traffic issues. And the City of Calgary and appellants were absolutely wonderful when we sat together and tried to figure out how to fix it, and we did,” Ken Aylseworth, a spokesperson for the Calgary Farmers’s Market, is quoted by as saying.

Although there are still reported concerns from vendors being booted from the new place, the building’s $5-million facelift is expected to be finished in time for Dec. 3 — just days after it closes its doors at The Currie Barracks on Nov.30.


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