Calgary Resto Investigated for Over-serving Oilers

serving alcohol

CALGARY — An anonymous complaint suggesting that staff at the Calgary restaurant Osteria de Medici over-served alcohol to the Edmonton Oilers on New Year’s Eve, has led to an Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission investigation.

Incidentally, this comes after a dispute between the restaurant owner and the Oilers about the cost of the meal and alcohol. The outstanding bill has since been rectified, but the investigation into over-serving could take weeks or months.

It turns out that as of midnight Jan. 1, new provincial training protocols require those selling and serving alcohol in a licensed establishment to be certified in the ProServe program, which teaches how to identify the signs of over-intoxication, how to handle situations with minors and lessons on legal responsibilities.

If the Commission discovers a wrongdoing on New Year’s Eve the Italian fine-dining restaurant could lose its liquor licence or incur a fine.


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