Calgary’s Flooded Restaurants Could Take Months to Reopen


CALGARY — Restaurateurs in Calgary’s Mission neighbourhood are still struggling to reopen their eateries following recent floods that devastated the city, reports the Calgary Herald.

Many foodservice operators are now contending with spoiled food, damaged equipment and structural damage to their restaurants. At Earls Tin Palace, flooring as well as electrical equipment was affected.

“I had no idea of the intensity and pace that the water was going to come in,” Phoebe Fung, proprietor of Vin Room, another damaged restaurant, is quoted as saying by the Calgary Herald. “I had nine sump pumps going, and we couldn’t prevent it.” Most of the wine bar’s cellar was also lost in the flood.

Restaurants in Mission were hardest hit, so many operators are renovating or rebuilding. Most are expecting to open within three to six months, depending on the damage. [Calgary Herald]



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