Campagnolo Restaurants Introduces Gluten-Free Pasta


VANCOUVERCampagnolo Restaurants is appealing to allergy concerns with the introduction of its gluten-free cannelloni that was developed after months of testing.

“It was imperative that we didn’st just make a gluten-free pasta; rather, we make a pasta that we as chefs would want to eat that just so happens to be gluten-free,” explained Ted Anderson, the company’s executive chef.

The cannelloni is comprised of gluten-free starches combined in exact quantities and is baked separate from the other pastas in the restaurants to prevent cross-contamination.

The gluten-free dishes are served at Campagnolo (1020 Main St.) and its sister restaurant Campagnolo Roma (2297 East Hastings St.), with accompaniments that change seasonally. Campagnolo Restaurant currently offers Squash Cannelloni with ricotta, brown butter and sage ($17) and Campagnolo Roma is offering Cannelloni al Forno with braised chicken, kale and tomato sugo ($18).

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