Can Canada’s Food Industry Become More Internationally Competitive?


OTTAWA — Canada’s food industry can become more competitive on an international scale if governments allowed firms to operate in an open marketplace, according to an analysis by the Conference Board of Canada (an independent research organization), for the Centre for Food in Canada.

The Board’s new report, “The Sky’s the Limit: The Viability of Canada’s Food Economy,” makes six recommendations to “improve the viability of Canada’s food economy,” such as reforming government programs by redirecting funding from the agricultural sector to areas of public interest; expanding sources of capital in agriculture by finding capital investors to partner with farms; and educating the public on the benefits of Canada as a food exporter.

“The areas that require greater government attention include those in which Canada has had numerous high-profile challenges and shortcomings, including food safety, healthy food, diet-related chronic disease and the environment,” said Michael Bloom, VP, Organizational Effectiveness and Learning at the Conference Board.

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