Can Many Women Really Be Top Chefs?



DUBAI, U.A.E. — Women cannot be top chefs unless “guys change their attitudes,” said Prue Leith, a London-based restaurateur, who spoke about the issues women encounter in the culinary world in a panel discussion at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai, The Telegraph reports.

The restaurateur, who opened the Michelin-starred Leith’s in 1969, and founded a cooking school, asserted that not only are most top chefs unmarried and without children, but those who are, are not prepared to “pay the price” to get to the top of their game. “It’s easier for men to pay the price, because they are supported by women, who are at home and don’t mind if they go out at night and work 18-hour days — we all put up with it.”

The 74-year-old added that long hours make it more difficult to balance family responsibilities, unless they have the support at home, she adds. “You don’st get to be a Michelin-starred chef by cooking lunch. You have to be there in the evening and the weekends.” []


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