Canada Scores A in Food Safety on Conference Board Report Card


OTTAWA — According to results from The Conference Board of Canada’s Canadian Food Observatory’s first-annual report card on food, Canada performs well in the areas of food safety, food security and healthy foods and diets but shows a weaker performance in industry prosperity and environmental sustainability.

“The genesis of our report card stems from our Canadian food strategy and the recognition that Canadians want foods that are safe, nutritious, affordable and available to everyone, produced in ways that are environmentally sustainable,” explains Dr. Michael Bloom, VP, Industry and Business Strategy at The Conference Board of Canada. “This annual report card represents the fulfillment of an important initiative promised in our strategy as a way to track Canada’s progress and identify emerging issues. Already, Canada performs well in several areas against international peer countries, but it could rank much higher if progress were made in key areas of our food system.”

The report assesses Canada’s food-and-beverage sector performance in five areas against 16 leading peer Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. Canada earned an A in food safety; B in food security and healthy foods and diets; B- for industry prosperity; and C+ in environmental sustainability.

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