Canada’s Fave Local Fare Revealed


TORONTO — A recent Ipsos Reid/Dietitians of Canada survey shows that Canada’s local food movement really is just that, with very different foods being selected as favourites in various regions across the country. The survey was released in support of National Nutrition Month, taking place throughout March, which is built around the theme, “Celebrate food…from field to table!”

When asked to name their favourite food from their region, British Columbians chose fresh vegetables and Albertans chose beef. Residents of Saskatchewan and Manitoba named corn on the cob, while more Ontarians preferred apples over any other food. Quebecers were most likely to pick cheese while Atlantic Canadians were most likely to single out lobster as their favourite.

Of all foods produced in Canada, the most popular identified by Canadians were beef, apples, corn on the cob, potatoes, cheese and maple syrup. “The results show that Canadians enjoy a wide variety of foods, which is a really good thing because variety is a key factor in eating well,” said Caroline Dubeau, manager of National Nutrition Month for Dietitians of Canada.

The survey also revealed quite a bit about how Canadians feel about locally produced grub. Most (86 per cent) say they are confident the food they eat in Canada is safe, the vast majority (96 per cent) believe that the term ‘healthy’ describes foods found in their region, while 78 per cent agree that it is important for them to know where their food is grown.

“Knowing where our food comes from, how it’s grown and harvested and how to choose foods for the best nutrition is the goal of this year’s National Nutrition Month campaign. Our country has much to celebrate with regard to the food available to Canadians,” says Dubeau. “And there are plenty of ways to celebrate — spend time at a farmer’s market to discover new foods; involve the kids in preparing the foods and talk about the new foods during meal time.”


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