Canada’s First Automated Pizza-Oven Flagship to Launch in Toronto


TORONTO — The Canadian flagship location of the revolutionary automated pizza oven, The PizzaForno, will open in Toronto this week, serving made-fresh artisan pizzas ready in under three minutes.

PizzaForno customers can choose from four different selections — chèvre-miel, barbecue chicken, pepperoni and mozzarella — on a digital screen. Each 12-inch pizza is made fresh by hand, with an authentic Italian approach that includes romana crust, fresh, all-natural, locally sourced ingredients and quality cream and tomato sauces.

PizzaForno holds 70 12-inch pizzas with hand-stretched crusts made with 100-per-cent Italian Caputo flour. Pizzas are freshly topped and stored in the refrigerated section of the PizzaForno. Once customers order from the 32-inch interactive screen, a robotic arm takes their selection from the refrigerated section, conveys it into a patented oven where it is baked, placed in a box and delivered to the consumer.

“PizzaForno will cause a pizzaruption in Canada because it’s the height of food tech and convenience, offering uncompromising, authentic pizzeria quality 24/7 — with no tipping required,” says Les Tomlin, president of PFX Canada Inc.

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