Canada’s Food Manufacturing Arm Performs Well


OTTAWA — The Conference Board of Canada recently reported that the country’s food manufacturing industry outperformed its other manufacturing counterparts during the recession.  

“The Canadian food manufacturing industry is often taken for granted,” said Michael Burt, the associate director of industrial economic trends for the Conference Board. “The industry is one of the few components of Canada’s manufacturing sector that has recorded consistent growth in recent years. As a result, it is now the largest source of manufacturing employment in Canada, [with] a total of 240,000 [jobs, or] 14 per cent of the jobs in the sector.”

While growth slowed during the economic downturn, the food manufacturing industry held its own, according to the Canadian Industrial Outlooks: Canada’s Food Manufacturing Industry – Summer 2010 report. Profits, production and employment in the industry rose last year, but though the numbers stayed encouragingly steady, the report says that the modest recession-related drops don’t bode well for a substantial post-recession rebound. Still, the industry is expected to grow modestly over the next few years with increased domestic demand and more export opportunities.


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