Canada’s National Brewers Applaud Beer Tax Freeze


TORONTO — Ontario Premier Doug Ford has halted a scheduled tax hike on beer put in place by the previous government.

This recent announcement was welcomed by organizations, such as Canada’s National Brewers and Beer Canada.

“These automatically escalating beer taxes are unfair to consumers, take money out of their pockets and need to be stopped,” says George Croft, Beer Canada Chair. “We applaud the Ford government’s quick action to address this important issue.”

The national trade associations say that beer-tax increases put in place by the Wynne government had negative impacts on the industry, on beer consumers and the province’s economic activity. The scheduled increase would have raised Ontario’s basic beer tax by three cents per litre on November 1.

According to research by Beer Canada, Canadians pay five times more in beer tax than their American neighbours and, on average, beer taxes comprise 47 per cent of the price of beer across the country.

The Ontario government continues to review its approach to how beer and wine are sold in the province and is exploring the possibility of expanding the sale of these products to corner stores and box stores.

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