Canadian Beef Appeals to Americans


CALGARY — Canadian beef is making a name for itself stateside where retailers servicing the Hispanic market are buying the meat to set themselves apart and generate customer satisfaction, reports the Beef Information Centre (BIC).

According to Marty Carpenter, senior director of U.S. Marketing for the BIC, our nation’s beef has a lot of characteristics that appeal to the niche market. “The Hispanic consumer prefers bright red meat colour and white fat, two attributes that are unique to Canada’s grading system and part of the attributes we call the Canadian Beef Advantage, which are found in our top grades, Canada Prime, AAA, AA or A.”

In the past three years the BIC client list has more than doubled in the U.S. Hispanic market where the organization is aligning retailers with Canadian packers and distributors to help build customized beef programs.

The Arizona-based Merit Foods is one such retailer who has seen a 30 per cent increase in beef sales in relation to growth from the Canadian product. “The growth of our beef sales has exceeded our expectations,” said Scott Butler, general manager for Merit Foods. “We were able to improve the value and consistency of our service and in turn customers recognize the quality of the Canadian brand and now request it.”

BIC is now offering seminars for American retailers hoping to serve the Hispanic market. For more information, click here.


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