Canadian Chef Makes an Impression


LONDON — The Halifax-raised Daniel Burns is the chef to watch, according to a recent report by Chris Nuttall-Smith as published in The Globe and Mail.

Nuttall-Smith chatted with the chef in London, England, when he was guest toque at a pop-up restaurant. Burns, who has won praise for his dishes at Copenhagen, Denmark’s award-winning Noma restaurant and the Michelin-star winning England-based Fat Duck restaurant, is still struggling to find his own style. “It’s a very hard question, to know what your food is, until you have a platform and you can adapt with it,” the chef told The Globe.

During his guest appearance in England, Burns created raw oysters with puréed herbs and cabbage and a sweet, saline emulsion of lovage and roasted mussels with crispy, fragile potato tuiles.

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