Canadian Chef Triumphs at Aramark International Chefs’ Cup 2024 in Toronto

Chef of restaurant cooking fresh vegetable salad from green and red vegetables
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TORONTO — The Aramark International Chefs’ Cup 2024, hosted in Toronto, concluded recently with a landmark victory for Canada. The event, held at Cirillo’s Culinary Academy, saw Canadian chef Adrian Salalac and his chef assistant Richard Perks clinch the gold medal in a highly competitive showcase of culinary excellence.

The event required the chefs to prepare a full-course dinner with a plant-based starter, a main dish, and a dessert using locally sourced ingredients. The evaluation by a panel of judges focused on technical skills, creativity, and taste.

The silver medal was awarded to Nitin Sharma from Aramark U.K. and the bronze medal was secured by Jiří Kryda from Aramark Czech Republic.

Additionally, special recognition was given in the awards ceremony, with the Best Technical Score Award and Best Assistant Award. Chef Sharma won the Best Technical Score, showcasing exceptional skill and precision. The Best Assistant Award was presented to Jakub Vytiska from Aramark Czech Republic, highlighting the indispensable role and superb teamwork displayed throughout the competition.

“It’s a matter of immense pride and joy for Canada to have hosted this prestigious culinary event and to celebrate the victory of our very own chef Adrian,” says Steven Prisco, president and CEO of Aramark Canada. “This win is a testament to the exceptional talent and hard work of chef Adrian Salalac and his chef assistant Richard Perks. It’s a historic moment for Aramark Canada’s culinary scene and an inspiration for our chefs across the country.”

“This year’s Aramark International Chefs’ Cup has been an extraordinary journey,” says Karen Williams, VP of Marketing and Culinary, Aramark Canada. “We’re incredibly proud of all the participants, especially our winning chef from Canada, who has set a new benchmark in culinary excellence.”

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