Canadian Chefs to Gather in Charlottetown


CHARLOTTETOWN — This year’s Culinary Federation Conference, being held June 10 to 14,  will mark the launch of a new brand and logo, as well as a refreshed mandate for growth, inclusivity and harnessing the passion of culinarians across the country.

“When we gather, my aim is that we will supercharge our collective passion for cooking, for mentoring and being mentored,” says Culinary Federation president Simon Smotkowicz. “Through seminars and workshops, we aim to ignite discussion and drive innovative ideas that members will be able to take back to their businesses, employees or classrooms.”

The 55th annual national conference agenda includes:
• Culinary skills-development workshops (butchery, cheese making, sustainable seafood, dessert plating)
• national culinary competitions (junior and senior) and a team challenge
• partner showcase
• President’s Dinner curated by the local chef community
• socials and networking

More information can be found here

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