Canadian Lobsters Turn Soft


NOVA SCOTIA — A new worry is on the minds of Atlantic fishermen this season, with recent reports of unusually high numbers of soft lobsters being fished, reports CBC News.

The water temperature, which is unseasonably warm this fall, is being blamed for the low-quality lobster.

The Atlantic Veterinary College’s Lobster Science Centre tested 10 lobster fishing sites and reported a lower number of hard-shell lobsters than last year. The softer-shell lobsters are more fragile and don’t fetch top price, so they can’t be exported to other markets, including Europe.

“It’s something we’sve never seen before,” Ashton Spinney, chairman of the LFA 34 Management Board, told CBC News. Sterling Belliveau, minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture for Nova Scotia, told CBC News a committee is considering various issues, including splitting the lobster season.

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