Canadian Restaurant Owners Cheer End of NHL Lockout


MONTREAL — Restaurant and bar owners across Canada are cheering the end of the NHL lockout, which resulted in a hit in revenue to many businesses.

“It’s been a long few months without hockey,” Stephanie Laird, manager at Stix Sports Bar in southwest Calgary, was quoted as saying by The Calgary Herald.

According to the Montreal Gazette and Peter Sergakis, president of an association of bar owners, some foodservice operators experienced a 40-per-cent decline in revenue due to the hockey lockout.

Moneris Solutions, a provider of payment solutions, reports that merchants at fast-food businesses, restaurants and drinking establishments near NHL hockey arenas in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary experienced a decrease of 11.23 per cent in spending in 2012 compared with a game day in 2011.

The NHL lockout lasted 113 days, ending Sunday morning. The new deal between the NHL and the National Hockey League Players’s Association guarantees there will be no further labour disruptions until 2020.

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