Canadians Crave Healthy Fare at QSRs


TORONTO — Canadians are demanding more healthy fare at quick-service establishments, and they’re willing to pay as much 13 per cent more to get what they want.

This news comes care of the recent NPD Group study, “Canada Foodservice MegaTrends 2010,“ which found that as many as 20 per cent of Canadians who frequent fast-food joints are anxious to find healthier food options.

“There is no doubt Canadians are increasingly looking for healthier and lighter food choices overall,” said Robert Carter, executive director, Canada Foodservice, The NPD Group. “While many people turn to fast-food restaurants for indulgence, a growing number of Canadians are seeking smaller portion sizes and nutritious menu options in these establishments.”

Although some chains have addressed the concern, beefing up their menus with more healthy options, the study found that such options “remain few and far between.” In the meantime, customers have been making up for the shortfall by skipping dessert or ordering water instead of pop.

“Canadians are speaking loud and clear,” said Carter. “The study results show that rather than simply avoiding unhealthy foods, a significant number of the population is, in fact, demanding more nutritious menu options.  Fast-food operators would be remiss to ignore this prevalent trend among Canadian consumers.”

According to the study, fast-food operators should make sure their healthy fare encompasses all of the following: taste, quality, portion size, convenience and portability.


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