Cannvas Adds Cannabis Culinary to Platform


TORONTO — Cannvas MedTech Inc., a leader in digital cannabis education, has added a food-and-lifestyle module to the Cannvas.Me education platform. Cannvas Culinary promotes the healthy use of cannabis in everyday eating, drinking and cooking and features expert advice on edible cannabis consumption from Cody Lindsay, The Wellness Soldier — a Canadian military veteran, cannabis advocate and renowned chef who cooks extensively with cannabis.

“I’m proud to strengthen the Cannvas.Me platform with practical and approachable recipes using cannabis to help promote nutritious eating and healthy lifestyles,” says Lindsay. “As The Wellness Soldier, I’ll share information and advice on preparing food or drinks with cannabis and tips on safe consumption. From cannabis-infused honey and oils to green smoothies and infused pumpkin tarts, Cannvas Culinary will help Canadians discover how cannabis consumption may help improve a variety of everyday ailments, much like it did for me, and I look forward to sharing my story and recipes with the Cannvas community.”

The Cannvas Culinary component of Cannvas.Me will also feature learning modules geared toward edible-cannabis creation and consumption. From snacks and appetizers to dinner and desserts, each recipe is designed for ease-of-use and new recipes will be added regularly, including seasonal specials beginning during the 2018 holiday season. The culinary-education modules will be overseen by the Cannvas.Me medical advisory board and educational advisory panel to ensure all information presented is timely, accurate and relevant.

“Our primary goal is to dispel the myth that cannabis edibles only come as gummy candies, cookies and brownies by showcasing healthier alternatives when cooking with cannabis,” says Steve Loutskou, Chief Operating Officer, Global Markets, Cannvas MedTech Inc. “Our Cannvas Culinary section of the Cannvas.Me platform presents interesting and valuable content for users looking to eat, drink and cook their way to a healthier lifestyle. We invite all Canadians to join Cody on Cannvas.Me and learn about producing your own infused oils or cannabis extracts while browsing many interesting recipes.”

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