Cara Continues to Work to Evolve Animal Welfare in Canada


VAUGHAN, Ont.— Cara has announced its continued commitment to animal welfare in Canada. The company is working with its suppliers to further the humane treatment of broiler chickens by adopting Controlled Atmosphere Stunning and has committed to begin the conversion to this humane method by 2020, with a vast majority of its suppliers completed by 2022.

In February 2016 Cara announced that a number of its restaurant brands switched to cage-free eggs and promised all of its restaurants brands would do so by 2020.

Cara works collaboratively with Chicken Farmers of Canada, which regulates the chicken industry. The organization funds animal-care research with a view to evolving the recently adopted animal-care code of practice. Cara is also a strong supporter of Canada’s farm community and the approximately 2,800 chicken farmers from coast to coast. Presently, Cara partners with chicken farmers in all 10 provinces across Canada.

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