Cargill Signs on with Canadian Wheat Board


WINNIPEG — Cargill, a Winnipeg-based grain handler, is the first company to enter into an alliance with the revamped Canadian Wheat Board (CWB).

The partnership will help the Wheat Board offer its products and services to farmers’ and customers’ market pool and cash contracts and provide a grain-delivery facility.

Ian White, CEO of the Wheat Board, predicts this will be the first of many companies to enter into an agreement. That said, the new Wheat Board is considering offering contracts on other commodities, such as wheat, durum and malting barley in the early stages.

“At the end of the day, farmers will have to decide who they want to deliver grain to. It could be us and our contract or the CWB contract or other grain companies. It’s good news for the farmer in the sense there is another participant in the marketplace,” said Peter Rowe, vice-president of Merchandising and Transportation at Cargill.

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