Cascades Rewards Eco-Friendly Buyers


CANDIAC, Que. — Cascades Tissue Group has awarded 23 clients and distributers with honorary plaques and copies of the company’s Sustainable Development Plan.

The 23 unnamed awardees were lauded for purchasing almost a million cases of tissue paper made of 100-per-cent recycled fibre, which saved more than 580-million litres of water (the equivalent of 232 Olympic-size swimming pools).

“Cascades Tissue Group attaches as much importance as ever to the number of trees we avoid cutting by using recycled fibre but we also know water management is an important issue for businesses,” said Suzanne Blanchet, president and CEO of Cascades Tissue Group. “Water management is one of Cascades’ main environmental preoccupations. Our processes and practices are constantly reviewed to reduce water used during product manufacturing.”

And, when it comes to trees, the company evaluates its progress by measuring the quantity of uncut trees to determine the environmental contribution of large buyers of tissue paper in the Away-from-home division. The company plans to further reduce its water consumption over the next two years.


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