Cascades Tissue Group Introduces ServOne


Cascades Tissue Group is proud to introduce ServOne, a new one-at-a-time interfold napkin dispensing system.

The new product is:

  • MORE ECONOMICAL: By better controlling the quantity of napkins taken by patrons, thus reducing waste and cost for restaurant owners by up to 25%*.
  • MORE HYGIENIC: Customers only touch the napkins they take. The innovative dispensing pack can also be directly loaded in a dispenser further minimizing cross-contamination.
  • MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERABLE: In addition to reducing waste and consumption, Cascades for ServOne white and Moka napkins are also made of 100% recycled fiber and are certified Ecologo and Processed Chlorine Free. Their smaller case size offers a reduced environmental footprint and storage savings of up to 50%*.

*When compared to traditional napkins/dispensers 

The ServOne product offering includes two types of dispensers: a high capacity one for counters that can also be mounted on walls, and a second, more compact, that can be placed on tabletops. Both dispensers double as an advertising vehicle with a window insert feature to display promotions, new menu items or special events.

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