Cavendish Farms Gets Helping Hand


CHARLOTTETOWN — The provincial government has stepped in to support Cavendish Farms during a series of planned rolling shutdowns due to begin this week at its plants in Prince Edward Island and the States, according to P.E.I.’s Guardian newspaper.

The plan is to cut production to keep in line with the reduced demand for its frozen french fries. The paper reports that the province will dole out $630,000 to pay employees for two weeks as they are trained to work in other areas of the plant.

“Certainly that’s a significant amount of money, but I guess we need to remember we’re talking about Prince Edward Island’s largest private-sector employer,” the Island’s Innovation and Advanced Learning Minister, Allan Campbell, told reporters. “It’s training dollars. It’s not a wage subsidy. This is not all about Cavendish Farms. It’s about the employees.”

Cavendish Farms employs 800 workers. Five hundred and fifty will be affected by the 35 days worth of shutdowns, the first of which will take place from November 20 to 27.


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