CBC: GMO Salmon Gets Green Light From Environment Canada


MAYNARD, Mass. — A genetically modified salmon egg has just been approved to be produced in commercial quantities by Environment Canada, but, it must be approved by Health Canada before the product is available for human consumption, reports the CBC.

Produced by AquaBounty Technologies in Maynard, Mass., the Atlantic salmon is injected with hormones from Chinook salmon and Ocean Pout. As a result, it grows much faster than wild or farmed salmon.


Although Environment Canada concluded the GMO fish can be produced on a commercial scale with no harm to the environment or human health, AquaBounty’s David Conley recognizes the public may be wary. “It’s a new innovation, and there’s a lot of concern around. The public is not very well-educated on genetics or genetic technologies. There’s been an awful lot of activist misrepresentation. There’s a number of issues at play. New things create new fears.” [cbc.ca]

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