CBC News: Restaurant Liquor Restrictions In Charlottetown May Change


CHARLOTTETOWN — Some new restaurant owners in Charlottetown looking to obtain a liquor licence may have an easier time, reports CBC News. Yesterday, the planning and heritage committee in Charlottetown discussed possible changes to the zoning and development bylaw that restricts some restaurant owners.

Currently, the bylaw states that nightclubs and bars ( that serve alcohol) are not allowed within 100 metres of schools, group homes and residences — making it difficult for some restaurants to obtain a liquor license.

“We’ve separated the definitions of an entertainment establishment, which will now be defined as those large entertainment complexes, bars, and we’ve separated that from an eating establishment, which is now defined as those restaurants that just happened to have a liquor licence,” Rob Lantz, chairman, planning and heritage committee, is quoted as saying by CBC News.


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