Cedar Spoon Indigenous Catering Leads the Way in Indigenous Cuisine Experiences

Catering Food Table at Event
Photo Credit: iStockPhoto.com/portfolio/Olga_Molleker

KITCHENER, Ont. — There has been a growing recognition of the importance of Indigenous perspectives in the workplace and beyond. As an emerging advocate for preserving Indigenous culture, Cedar Spoon Indigenous Catering is at the forefront of this movement, offering clients an immersive dining experience as an alternative and engaging way to learn about Indigenous cultures.

“We truly believe that food is more than just sustenance. It’s a way of sharing stories, honouring our ancestors and fostering understanding,” says Destiny Moser, head chef of Cedar Spoon Indigenous Catering. “When you dine with us, we aim to create moments of connection and reflection, where individuals can come together, break bread and embark on a journey of truth and reconciliation.”

In a world yearning for deeper understanding and connection, food has emerged as a powerful bridge for reconciliation and healing. While little has been documented on the specifics of the Indigenous diet throughout Canada’s history, many recipes have been preserved through the passing down of generations. Cedar Spoon’s goal is to collect, document and present these dishes in a way that resonates with the modern pallet while still providing insight into what would be considered a truly Canadian pantry of ingredients.

“Eating Indigenous foods, lovingly prepared by Indigenous chefs, is one easy and delicious way to advance truth and reconciliation. Our food systems and our traditional foods are becoming increasingly difficult to access,” says Danielle Boissoneau, director of Indigenous Initiatives for Conestoga College. “When we support Indigenous-led revitalization of traditional food systems, we create relationships that prioritize mutual well-being and community-building efforts. Cedar Spoon is an excellent example of who to work with in this regard.”

Cedar Spoon Indigenous Catering offers tailored solutions for organizations, providing immersive catering options and educational presentations that explore the intersection of food, culture and reconciliation.

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