Centennial to Host Tourism Symposium


TORONTO — Looking to the future development of tourism, and its cultural implications, Toronto’s Centennial College will be hosting a symposium on Cultural & Heritage Tourism from Oct. 5 to 6.

The “Intercultural Dialogue in Tourism: 2020 Vision,” which will be hosted by the school’s Culture and Heritage Institute, is in collaboration with UNESCO’s International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures and International Year of Biodiversity. It is within this framework that the fourth annual symposium will explore how knowledge, events, institutions and industries in culture, heritage and tourism can be more effective in facilitating and developing platforms for intercultural dialogue in Canada.

“Our goal is to explore the challenges and synergies for all three sectors — culture, heritage and tourism — as we engage each topic,” reads a press release from the college.

To register and view the symposium agenda, click here.


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