Centennial to Launch International Culinary Program


TORONTO — The School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture (SHTC) at Toronto’s Centennial College is preparing to launch a new two-year Culinary Management – International program in January 2013.

The college currently has one kitchen, but construction is set to begin on three new training labs, including a multi-cultural one, which will include workstations for wok, tandoor and pizza-oven cookery.

“The mantra for our program is ‘The method is the constant and the ingredient is the variable,’ with each cooking method reinforced through the introduction of new ingredients,” said Samuel Glass, a chef and professor at a Centennial. For example, the toque explained, “Coq au vin, curried chicken and chicken cacciatore are examples of braises in which the only difference is ingredients. It is a rather unique approach to culinary education.”

The school’s administration is responding to industry input on the new course, calling for cooks and chefs trained in multiple cuisines as the program will instruct on ethnic cuisine, including Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, South Asian, East Asian and European.

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