Centro to Rebrand as Casual Eatery


TORONTO — It’s the end of an era in Toronto, as Centro, a 25-year-old midtown concept, closes its doors Saturday to re-brand as a more casual concept.

Armando Mano, Centro’s owner and operator, told toromagazine.com he’s rebranding with a new concept that caters to the city’s younger diners who want high-end food for lower prices. Dishes will range in price from $21 to $26. “Cheap is a word that we’ll never use,” he says. “Just because items are more approachable, it doesn’t mean they’sre cheaper. Am I jaded? No, I’m realistic. I’m excited about the new challenge. We’re going to have a lot of fun with it.”

The new restaurant, which will be managed by Jeremy Geyer, Centro’s current GM, and Symon Abad, executive chef, will feature authentic Italian food and pizzas made in a wood-burning oven. The name of the restaurant is yet to be announced, but it’s set to open April 8.

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