Chartwells Canada Launches Partnership with WE

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TORONTO — Chartwells Canada has entered a new partnership with WE — a family of organizations focused on “making doing good doable” — intended to empower young people to make a difference through the food they eat.

Available at more than 600 Chartwells’ elementary, secondary and post-secondary locations across Canada, the Chartwells WE Special will see a portion of the proceeds from every special purchased support the food pillar of WE’s holistic sustainable-development model, WE Villages, with a goal of enabling one-million meals to individuals in WE’s partner communities.

WE Villages is built on five pillars of impact — food, education, water, health and opportunity — with the food pillar focusing on innovative farming techniques helping to ensure communities have access to healthy, self-sustaining food sources.

“By supporting communities overseas in building food security, a ripple effect is created,” says Craig Kielburger, co-founder of WE. “The health of community members flourishes with access to nutrient-rich foods, including students, who develop energy and focus to be successful learners in the classroom. In turn, farmers earn a sustainable source of income and can send their children to school, which creates opportunity for their future.”

The WE partnership is a key element of Chartwells’ Thinking Ahead Giving Back initiative, which will see the company engaging with students on a higher level and work with them to tackle some of the key social concerns they face every day.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with WE to empower students to deliver change,” says Ashton Sequeira, president, Chartwells Canada. “Our students really care about doing good for others and they vocalize this in many ways. We’ve listened to them and have brought in a partnership with WE that gives them an opportunity to help change the world each day they come to school.”

Chartwells will also support WE Well-being, a new initiative from WE that aims to empower people of all ages with tools and resources to promote and nurture their own positive well-being and the well-being of their community. Chartwells will fund the delivery of WE Well-being workshops free to students at targeted post-secondary institutions across Canada, beginning this fall.

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