Chef Bowers Opens a Meatball Joint


TORONTO — Chef Rod Bowers recently opened a new 30-seat eatery in Toronto’s College and Ossington neighbourhood that serves only meatballs, reports The Grid TO.

“This used to be a convenience store, so we had to get a food retail licence,” Bowers was quoted in The Grid. “It took me two months just for the city to tell me I could have seating.”

The new Hey Meatball! menu is a work in progress and currently features three mains and two sides with  two types of meatballs –  a pork and beef mixture served on bread or pork-only meatballs served on pasta. Bowers plans to expand the menu to include other types of meatballs, including chicken and Vietnamese for bánh mì subs.

In addition to expanding the menu, Bowers is planning on converting his catering truck to a meatball-mobile venture.

Before opening this eatery, Bowers owned The Rosebud and The Citizen restaurant, which he sold in 2009.  Since then he has consulted on menus for Bay Street bistro The Gabardine and Hrvati Bar.

For more on Hey Meatball!, visit The Grid TO.

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