Chef Creates Edible QR Codes


SAN DIEGO — Patrons of Harney Sushi in San Diego don’t have to wonder about the origins of the fish on their plate. In fact, before they bite into a piece of sushi, diners at the restaurant can scan an edible QR code placed on their fish that offers information about where their meal was caught, reports Business Insider.

Executive chef Rob Ruiz told the outlet he wanted to promote seafood sustainability and launched the project because he was disgusted by many sushi practices — such as selling processing-plant floor scraps as maki. So, he designed an edible QR code, printed on rice paper and stuck onto trays of sashimi. Customers who scan the code on their smartphone access the National Oceanic and

Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) FishWatch website where they can view additional information about the fish in question.

“People are ordering more straight fish because we’ve given them more confidence,” Ruiz told Business Insider. “If they were scared about trying some of the specialty fish, now they can scan the code and know everything we have is traceable.” []



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