Chef Graham Elliot Visits George Brown


TORONTO — Celebrity chef Graham Elliot took time off from his Cooking like a Master Chef book tour to talk shop with culinary students at George Brown College in Toronto yesterday, as part of the college’s Tastes of Tomorrow speaker series.

The MasterChef judge shared his views on what it takes to work in the industry and gave advice to aspiring chefs in a sit-down and Q&A session — covering topics including being a celebrity chef, succeeding in the industry and, of course, his new cookbook.

Elliot stressed the importance of learning to go with the flow and develop problem-solving skills. “You’re not in the hospitality business, you’re in the make-it-happen business — become problem solvers,” he advised. “Nothing will ever catch you off-guard if you’re always ready.”

On the topic of culinary style, the chef explained his culinary manifesto: less is more and respect the ingredients. He also noted the importance of young chefs developing their individual style. “I learned not to idolize anyone … everyone is inherently flawed,” he explained. “As a chef, the most important thing is not to copy. At the end of the day, I want to make Graham Elliot food.”

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