Chef Lynn Crawford Prepares Surprise Breakfast for Food Bank Volunteers

Chef Lynn Crawford surprises food bank volunteers with a holiday breakfast

TORONTO — The Egg Farmers of Canada and Food Banks Canada teamed up with celebrity chef Lynn Crawford to prepare a surprise breakfast to celebrate the work of the many dedicated food bank volunteers.

“I have been a partner of Egg Farmers of Canada for many years now and I know how deeply Canadian egg farmers are rooted in their communities,” says Crawford, National Chef Ambassador for Egg Farmers of Canada. “Preparing this meal to say thank you to food bank volunteers was a very humbling experience.”

Along with its affiliates, Food Banks Canada assists more than 860,000 Canadians who turn to food banks each month. Throughout the holiday season there is an increased demand for food-bank services, creating a greater need for volunteers, support and donations. Egg Farmers of Canada has been supporting Food Banks Canada for more than two decades, helping to deliver fresh, nutritious food items that help the issue of hunger in Canada.

“Every year, egg farmers donate more than a million eggs to community food banks,” says Roger Pelissero, chairman of Egg Farmers of Canada. “We’re proud to partner with Food Banks Canada and chef Lynn Crawford, and are happy to celebrate the people who, by volunteering their time, contribute to the fabric of our communities.”

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